Most wanted employers in Romania in 2017

In 2017, the top of the most wanted employers is dominated by IT, automotive, oil & gas, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies. Here are the companies which occupy the first 10 places in the top 20 most wanted employers in Romania, made in March – May this year by Catalyst Solutions:

  1. Oracle,
  2. Microsoft,
  3. IBM,
  4. Continental,
  5. Google,
  6. OMV Petrom,
  7. Vodafone,
  8. Amazon,
  9. Group Renault România,
  10. Coca-Cola HBC.

The study participants were asked which are the top 3 companies they want to work in, and their responses were open.

What are the criteria according to which respondents choose their employer?
The study also analyzes the criteria underlying the decision on which candidates choose their preferred company. The pleasant work environment alongside the payroll and benefits package offered by the company are one of the most popular criteria an employee searches for. The following criteria are job security, career opportunities and training programs that the company offers.
In a market where the number of career opportunities is bidding, the decision-making process becomes more refined, the candidates take into account several aspects and value a number of other criteria besides the financial ones.

Where do candidates get information about companies?

Another dimension analyzed in the study refers to the ways of communication used by respondents when they want to learn more about companies and career opportunities.

The results show that in the top of the sources of information are the job portals (75.43%), the recommendations received from friends and colleagues (63.54%), along with companies’ websites (58.67%). In addition, the Linkedin social network (54.58%), personal interaction with employers (53.66%), advertisements of employers on news and specialty sites (50.76%) and job fairs (47, 40%) are preferred by the respondents.

Although online media and social networks are pretty popular, potential candidates do not neglect direct interaction with the organization’s representatives. Most of the time, they are looking for those places where they can talk directly with employees from the target companies, whether they are events at the company headquarters, career fairs, or other business events that a particular employer is attending. Feedback from friends or colleagues also weighs heavily on the employment decision. That is why the experience that companies provide to current employees is defining their reputation in the market.


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