Life Path Project

    Life Path Project is an initiative of youth exchange for youth that aims to help increasing employability among youth aged between 17 and 21 years. The Youth Exchange will take place over 10 days in Targu Jiu and will involve 48 young people and 8 adults leaders from Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia and Slovenia.

The activities throughout the project will be based on non-formal education and were designed so as to best respond to the needs identified among young people – they will work in small groups, multinational, thus developing skills and competencies such as teamwork, communication in a foreign language, creativity, spirit of competition and fair play, socialization, capacity analysis. The methods used throughout the project are: dialogue, debates, role plays, open discussions, games etc. The project aims to have a significant impact on the community and the young people directly involved, so they will become active citizens in society, will be involved in projects and will be able to develop projects, will be actively involved in solving the problems identified in the communities where they come from and in educational institutions where they study. Throughout the exchange participants will be encouraged to take up volunteering to get involved in projects that address topics of interest to them and become an example to those around them.
At the end of this project young people will have rich knowledge of business environment, will focus more easily by a field of work will have a clear vision on trends that follow the labor market, will communicate better in English, will overcome comfort zone (ire fear of failure for jobs liabilities interview sample) and will be more active in everyday life. By developing a wide variety of skills and abilities through various activities, young people entering the labor market participants in the project will be carried out with greater ease.

This Project is funded by the European Union through the Erasmus + Program

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